PSX-KMI All Share Index

All Shares Islamic Index of Pakistan

PSX-KMI All Share Index comprises of all Shariah compliant companies listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. The Index was developed by Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited and Meezan Bank Limited.

SymbolCompany NamePriceChange
ABOT Abbott Laboratories (Pakistan) Limited724.000.00%
ACPL Attock Cement Pakistan Limited134.492.60%
ADAMS XDAdam Sugar Mills Limited34.943.28%
ADOS Ados Pakistan Limited26.85-0.56%
AGHA Agha Steel Ind.Ltd24.030.42%
AGIL Agriauto Industries Limited198.51-0.19%
AGP AGP Limited89.68-0.50%
AGSML Abdullah Shah Ghazi Sugar Mills Limited11.77-3.68%
AGTL Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited338.51-0.87%
AHTM Ahmad Hassan Textile Mills Limited67.01-0.56%
AKGL Al-Khair Gadoon Limited21.757.51%
ANL Azgard Nine Limited12.802.40%
ANTM AN Textile Mills Limited13.141.00%
APL Attock Petroleum Limited325.000.28%
ARM Allied Rental Modaraba22.00-3.72%
ARPL Archroma Pakistan Limited550.00-0.06%
ASC Al Shaheer Corporation Limited14.65-0.61%
ASHT Ashfaq Textile Mills Limited8.000.00%
ASL Aisha Steel Mills Limited15.501.77%
ASTM Asim Textile Mills Limited11.019.99%
ATBA Atlas Battery Limited202.44-0.01%
ATLH Atlas Honda Limited400.000.00%
ATRL Attock Refinery Limited144.861.22%
AVN Avanceon Limited105.79-0.34%
AWTX Allawasaya Tex. & Finishing Mills Ltd2.000.00%
AWWAL Awwal Modaraba10.00-9.09%
BATA XDBata Pakistan Limited1.00-4.90%
BCML Babri Cotton Mills Limited31.980.00%
BERG Berger Paints Pakistan Limited73.05-1.07%
BFMOD B.F. Modaraba6.850.00%
BGL Balochistan Glass Limited8.431.20%
BHAT Bhanero Textile Mills Limited1.000.00%
BIFO Biafo Industries Limited88.150.17%
BIPL BankIslami Pakistan Limited12.45-1.19%
BNL Bunnys Limited31.137.27%
BNWM Bannu Woollen Mills Limited36.50-0.41%
BPL Burshane LPG (Pakistan) Limited22.955.81%
BRR B.R.R. Guardian Modaraba13.205.60%
BTL Blessed Textiles Limited602.003.08%
BUXL Buxly Paints Limited144.400.20%
BWCL Bestway Cement Limited147.000.44%
BWHL Baluchistan Wheels Limited73.501.38%
CCM Crescent Cotton Mills Limited56.210.02%
CEPB Century Paper & Board Mills Limited75.00-0.11%
CFL Crescent Fibres Limited57.00-1.14%
CHCC Cherat Cement Company Limited145.723.35%
CLVL Cordoba Logistics & Ventures Limited13.70-0.72%
CNERGY Cnergyico PK Limited6.16-0.32%
CPPL Cherat Packaging Limited138.500.73%
DAAG Data Agro Limited21.52-7.32%
DADX Dadex Eternit Limited55.01-4.35%
DAWH Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited95.18-0.49%
DCL Dewan Cement Limited7.262.54%
DCR Dolmen City REIT12.93-1.30%
DFSM Dewan Farooque Spinning Mills Limited3.90-2.50%
DGKC D.G. Khan Cement Company Limited77.271.14%
DINT Din Textile Mills Limited139.640.00%
DOL Descon Oxychem Limited21.140.33%
DSIL D.S. Industries Limited6.58-13.19%
DYNO Dynea Pakistan Limited203.000.50%
EFERT Engro Fertilizers Limited80.29-0.42%
ELCM Elahi Cotton Mills Limited66.505.56%
EMCO Emco Industries Limited30.00-1.64%
ENGRO Engro Corporation Limited270.52-0.93%
EPCL Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited57.020.80%
EXIDE Exide Pakistan Limited312.60-1.08%
FANM First Al-Noor Modaraba2.79-0.36%
FATIMA Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited35.200.63%
FCCL Fauji Cement Company Limited17.581.27%
FCEPL Frieslandcampina Engro Pakistan Limited92.02-0.27%
FECM First Elite Capital Modaraba3.67-3.93%
FECTC Fecto Cement Limited26.804.97%
FEM XDFirst Equity Modaraba7.0012.00%
FEROZ Ferozsons Laboratories Limited330.801.17%
FFLM First Fidelity Leasing Modaraba3.509.03%
FHAM First Habib Modaraba9.18-0.11%
FIMM First Imrooz Modaraba163.000.00%
FLYNG Flying Cement Company Limited11.541.94%
FML Feroze1888 Mills Limited68.600.15%
FPJM First Punjab Modaraba2.210.91%
FPRM First Paramount Modaraba8.00-3.03%
FRCL Frontier Ceramics Limited22.000.00%
FRSM Faran Sugar Mills Limited34.50-5.19%
FTMM First Treet Manufacturing Modaraba13.47-2.95%
FTSM First Tri-Star Modaraba11.30-0.02%
FUDLM First UDL Modaraba7.652.00%
FZCM Fazal Cloth Mills Limited270.004.25%
GADT Gadoon Textile Mills Limited293.030.00%
GAMON Gammon Pakistan Limited10.503.86%
GATI Gatron (Industries) Limited506.81-7.50%
GFIL Ghazi Fabrics International Limited7.21-0.55%
GGGL Ghani Global Glass Limited13.04-0.38%
GGL Ghani Global Holdings Limited19.87-1.63%
GHGL Ghani Glass Limited43.080.02%
GHNI Ghandhara Industries Limited167.230.02%
GHNL Ghandhara Nissan Limited75.251.12%
GIL Good Luck Industries Ltd.523.797.50%
GLAXO GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan Limited131.48-0.14%
GLPL Gillette Pakistan Limited144.491.75%
GOC GOC (Pak) Limited.57.95-0.09%
GSKCH GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare250.040.09%
GVGL Ghani Value Glass Limited62.911.62%
GWLC Gharibwal Cement Limited24.682.88%
HABSM XDHabib Sugar Mills Limited28.11-3.07%
HAFL Hafiz Limited113.000.00%
HCAR Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited209.72-2.34%
HINO Hinopak Motors Limited360.00-1.91%
HINOON Highnoon Laboratories Limited629.990.00%
HMM Habib Metro Mod9.11-9.80%
HRPL Habib Rice Product Limited.33.500.00%
HSM Husein Sugar Mills Limited16.20-2.00%
HTL Hi-Tech Lubricants Limited45.65-1.62%
HUBC The Hub Power Company Limited80.350.06%
IBFL Ibrahim Fibres Limited170.00-2.30%
IBLHL IBL HealthCare Limited64.38-0.95%
ICI ICI Pakistan Limited737.10-1.29%
ICL Ittehad Chemicals Limted29.692.38%
IDRT Idrees Textile Mills Limited16.00-5.88%
IDSM Ideal Spinning Mills Limited35.000.00%
ILP Interloop Limited75.360.31%
IMAGE Image Pakistan Limited14.480.63%
INIL International Industries Limited135.970.65%
INKL International Knitwear Limited12.508.70%
ISL International Steels Limited69.83-0.21%
ITTEFAQ Ittefaq Iron Industries Limited11.522.31%
JATM J.A. Textile Mills Limited14.46-1.16%
JDMT Janana De Malucho Textile Mills Limited85.507.01%
JKSM J.K. Spinning Mills Limited39.000.00%
JSML XDJauharabad Sugar Mills Limited19.990.30%
JVDC Javedan Corporation Limited49.04-0.33%
KASBM KASB Modaraba2.02-4.27%
KEL K-Electric Limited3.090.00%
KHSM Khurshid Spinning Mills Limited9.35-4.49%
KHYT Khyber Textile Mills Limited311.717.49%
KOHC Kohat Cement Company Limited177.481.34%
KOHE Kohinoor Energy Limited37.84-1.89%
KOHTM Kohat Textile Mills Limited20.005.26%
KOIL Kohinoor Industries Limited6.093.05%
KSBP KSB Pumps Company Limited172.670.00%
KTML Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited61.001.63%
LEUL Leather Up Limited15.194.04%
LPGL Leiner Pak Gelatine Limited21.097.49%
LUCK Lucky Cement Limited684.932.96%
MACFL MACPAC Films Limited19.690.15%
MACTER Macter International Limited116.284.76%
MARI Mari Petroleum Company Limited1.00-0.79%
MEBL Meezan Bank Limited137.14-0.08%
MFFL Mitchells Fruit Farms Limited296.45-1.18%
MLCF Maple Leaf Cement Factory Limited34.222.73%
MODAM Modaraba Al-Mali8.69-1.70%
MQTM Maqbool Textile Mills Limited61.007.02%
MSCL Metropolitan Steel Corporation Limited24.50-1.21%
MTL Millat Tractors Limited886.13-0.18%
MUGHAL Mughal Iron & Steel Industries Limited104.012.08%
NATF National Foods Limited149.010.34%
NATM Nadeem Textile Mills Limited57.407.49%
NETSOL NetSol Technologies Limited97.98-0.06%
NML Nishat Mills Limited82.661.50%
NRL National Refinery Limited253.700.28%
NRSL Nimir Resins Limited16.05-0.19%
NSRM The National Silk & Rayon Mills Limited30.31-1.58%
OGDC Oil & Gas Development Company Limited87.53-0.52%
ORIXM Orix Modaraba16.50-0.90%
ORM Orient Rental Mod6.80-2.86%
OTSU Otsuka Pakistan Limited278.000.00%
PAEL Pak Elektron Limited20.961.85%
PAKMI First Pak Modaraba3.13-16.31%
PAKOXY Pakistan Oxygen Limited147.96-1.03%
PCAL Pakistan Cables Limited157.44-2.81%
PHDL Pakistan Hotels Developers Limited132.50-1.78%
PIBTL Pakistan International Bulk Terminal7.240.84%
PICT Pakistan International Container158.230.04%
PIM Popular Islamic Modaraba10.3010.63%
PIOC Pioneer Cement Limited86.203.61%
PKGS Packages Limited485.00-0.04%
PMI First Prudential Modaraba2.071.97%
PNSC Pakistan National Shipping Corporation53.500.87%
POL Pakistan Oilfields Limited385.38-0.89%
POML Punjab Oil Mills Limited180.000.00%
POWER Power Cement Limited6.311.28%
PPL Pakistan Petroleum Limited79.62-0.93%
PPP Pakistan Paper Products Limited69.990.00%
PREMA At-Tahur Limited23.110.48%
PSEL Pakistan Services Limited1.000.00%
PSMC Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited224.891.06%
PSO Pakistan State Oil Company Limited186.520.77%
PSYL Pakistan Synthetics Limited53.000.00%
PTC Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd8.600.00%
QUICE Quice Food Industries Limited4.01-0.50%
RCML Reliance Cotton Spinning Mills Limited193.660.00%
REDCO Redco Textiles Limited8.00-8.05%
RMPL Rafhan Maize Products Company Limited9.000.51%
RPL Roshan Packages Limited20.901.85%
RUPL Rupali Polyester Limited38.010.66%
SANSM Sanghar Sugar Mills Limited12.22-7.42%
SAPL Sanofi-Aventis Pakistan Limited880.000.00%
SARC Sardar Chemical Industries Limited22.00-3.30%
SASML Sindh Abadgars Sugar Mills Limited14.00-4.11%
SAZEW Sazgar Engineering Works Limited90.330.20%
SCL Shield Corporation Limited281.00-7.47%
SEARL The Searle Company Limited135.70-0.37%
SERT Service Industries Textiles Limited13.85-2.81%
SFL Sapphire Fibres Limited865.80-7.50%
SGABL SG.Allied Businsses Limited126.000.00%
SGF Service GlobalFootwear Limited48.36-0.29%
SHDT Shadab Textile Mills Limited24.900.04%
SHEL Shell Pakistan Limited120.880.51%
SHEZ Shezan International Limited198.14-1.47%
SHFA Shifa International Hospitals Limited179.001.42%
SITC Sitara Chemical Industries Limited326.051.53%
SKRS Sakrand Sugar Mills Limited10.39-0.48%
SMCPL Safe Mix Concrete Limited8.886.73%
SML Shakarganj Limited41.850.00%
SNAI Sana Industries Limited60.41-0.46%
SNGP Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited34.172.00%
SPEL Synthetic Products Enterprises Limited17.241.83%
SPL Sitara Peroxide Limited18.03-0.72%
SSGC Sui Southern Gas Company Limited9.32-0.32%
SSML Saritow Spinning Mills Limited9.53-1.95%
STCL Shabbir Tiles & Ceramics Limited22.910.04%
STJT Shahtaj Textile Limited85.000.00%
STML Shams Textile Mills Limited57.002.91%
STPL Siddiqsons Tin Plate Limited11.840.34%
SURC Suraj Cotton Mills Limited208.67-0.32%
SUTM Sunrays Textile Mills Limited264.000.00%
SYS Systems Limited750.26-2.67%
SZTM Shahzad Textile Mills Limited51.000.00%
TATM Tata Textile Mills Limited70.001.45%
TELE Telecard Limited17.36-0.34%
TGL Tariq Glass Industries Limited123.02-0.15%
THALL Thal Limited377.73-1.66%
THCCL Thatta Cement Company Limited22.001.76%
TOMCL The Organic Meat Company Limited30.89-0.32%
TOWL Towellers Limited101.953.92%
TREET Treet Corporation Limited38.91-0.79%
TRIPF Tri-Pack Films Limited190.001.66%
TRSM Trust Modaraba2.8714.80%
UBDL United Brands Limited19.307.22%
UCAPM Unicap Modaraba2.15-7.33%
UDPL United Distributors Pakistan Limited44.000.57%
UNITY Unity Foods Limited27.761.95%
UPFL Unilever Pakistan Foods Limited20.00-0.72%
WAHN Wah Noble Chemicals Limited240.000.00%
WAVES Waves Singer Pakistan Limited15.503.47%
WTL Worldcall Telecom Limited2.170.46%
WYETH Wyeth Pakistan Limited2.000.00%
ZAHID Zahidjee Textile Mills Limited26.000.00%
ZIL ZIL Limited86.00-3.91%
ZTL Zephyr Textiles Limited12.534.42%

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